Hi, I'm Alex

I make YouTube videos, sometimes stream on Twitch, and have a lot of fun projects. I have finished my education as a programmer, and am now looking to kickstart my career in the IT sector.



I can't do everything myself. Sometimes because I lack time, other times because i lack skills. That's where these people come in. They have helped me manage, create, transform, and live the best I can.


The best 3D designer I know. While I can make a good 3D model, he also knows how to calculate the stress and strength of the design


He is as passionate about our project together as I am, and often helps me find my motivation to keep working on my stuff.


A fabulous web developer. Whenever I'm stuck, I ask him. Knows his way around a backend as well as I know how to make a good design.


My pillar of emotional support. Probably would have broken down already if not for her. Keeps me on track, and my life organised.